My name is Henk Racké, people photographer!

And yes, who am I really...

I have been happily married to Marieke for years and together we have two children; Christianne and Maurits.
We think it is very important to regularly go out to do fun things.

Simple things like an afternoon at the beach or a nice barbecue in the garden or playing sports together sometimes make a day very special, although there hasn't been much exercise lately 😉


I specialize in photographing people.

People in all phases of their lives.
New friendships, pregnancies, a new start in life or just because it's fun, moments that are meant to be captured. Creating and capturing those moments is my specialty, I can prove it to you...


I am also regularly asked for beauty shoots for (upcoming) models.

I always challenge myself to go further, to become better as a photographer, to come up with new products and to raise the bar even higher.
Everything to ultimately make you happy. Because that's what it's all about for me. Not about photos that are only technically good, but especially about photos that touch you, that capture 'the' moment... that is my mission.


I also want to break the taboo around personal and intimate photography; everyone is beautiful and can be captured for now and later.
A photo only becomes truly beautiful, glamourous, playful, intimate or sexy if the person portrayed also feels that way.
Whether this is in lingerie, (covered) nude or (slightly) erotic, I leave it up to you!
The word "intimate" has different meanings for everyone.